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Heavy drinking and health module

Further Perspectives on Alcohol

Who we interviewed

The module is based on a research project conducted by researchers at La Trobe University in collaboration with South Western Sydney Local Health District. The team conducted in-depth interviews with ten men who accessed treatment for alcohol-related health issues across Drug Health Services in South Western Sydney Local Health District. At the time of the interviews, three participants were continuing to drink heavily as usual, three were drinking less, and four were no longer drinking (for periods of time from three weeks to six months).

Drinking Status Number
Continuing to drink as usual 3
Drinking less 3
Not drinking (three weeks to six months) 4
Employment Status
Working 1
Retired 3
Not working 6
25-40 2
40-50 2
50-75 6
Heterosexual 10
Cultural and ethnic background*
Australian 7
Indigenous Australian 1
Indo-Fijian 1
Polish 1

* Reporting of Australian was classified according to a combination of self-reported identification with particular cultural or ethnic groups, and the participant’s birthplace and their parents’ birthplaces.